Even Skin Glow

Even Skin Glow, a highly effective facial treatment. Innovation LCN brand from Germany, first and only in Thailand.

What's Even Skin Glow?

Even Skin Glow is a treatment that has anti-aging effects and helps make the skin smoother, glowing, and clearer. By pushing the serum to stimulate the activity of collagen in the epidermis layer with nano needles. That during the process didn't feel any pain. or redness occurs. And most importantly, after the procedure there is no need to recuperate. Or avoid sunlight at all.

Even  Skin Glow
Even  Skin Glow

We have used Nano Needling When massaging, let the serum absorb into the skin to create a reaction. Stimulate the collagen under the skin to wake up and work. To make the skin come back radiant full and healthy from the first time you do it. And after that When skin cells return to normal function, It will make your face look moisturized, glowing, like you've been nourishing your face for years.

Even  Skin Glow
Even  Skin Glow
Even  Skin Glow

3 tone colors of Serum

  • Even Skin Glow Serum “light” for normal skin.
  • Even Skin Glow Serum “dark” for medium to dark skin.
  • Even Skin Glow Serum “dark tan” for dark skin.

The features of Even Skin Glow.

  • Use nano needles to push concentrated serum to stimulate collagen, the process of creating new pigment under the skin in the dermis
  • Safe, Don't pain, Don't recovery required⠀
  • Is not BB Glow
  • Adjust the balance of skin color to be moisturized.
  • Glowing skin, smooth and firm
  • Beautiful, clear skin from the first time you did it
  • The color of the serum is derived from natural tree bark. Doesn't clog pores.
  • The results when done 4-6 times will reveal that the skin is smooth and balanced, clearer, firmer, and looks younger than ever.
  • You can be sure that it is absolutely safe. Vegan 100% No side effects
Even Skin Glow
Even  Skin Glow

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