Nail Color

Nail Coloring at Take Care Salon of Beauty

Take Care Salon of Beauty still offers basic nail polish services. And no need to worry about applying it and your nails will turn yellow because no matter what kind of nail polish women paint, Will it be gel color or normal color? The shop will need maintenance. and protect women's nails to be as beautiful as before

We uses small pieces lemons rub on the front of your nails, vitamin C in lemons can make nourish your nails to be strong, shiny, not easily brittle, and white and radiant. Then be applied the base coat before painting your nails. The base coat will prevent yellow nails So that the nails are smooth and not rough. When applying nail polish, it will be easier and last longer.

Quality nail polish is very important. Because it is a variable that can easily make everyone's nails turn yellow.

Our specialness

We nourish and use Cuticle Oil after the manicure is done to keep it moisturized. Choose the nail polish from famous hi-end brands with good quality and performance. It is not dangerous to service recipients. At Take Care Salon of Beauty, with Japanese concept of “OMOIYARI” in our hearts, we are dedicated to offering our services with care, consideration, compassion towards our customers’ needs.


Nail Coating Steps

  1. uses small pieces lemons rub on the front of your nails
  2. Clean and hand scrub
  3. Trim nails into well shaped
  4. Coloring
  5. Nourishing massage
  6. Cuticle oil massage

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