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Hands, Feet and Nails is one of the top priorities among women. Manicure and Pedicure is one of the beauty queens and brides’ secrets to enhance their personality and confidence. Even more, Take Care is the first Nail Salon in Thailand that has the most outstanding hand and foot pampering with a unique formula that delivers results for both nourishment and cleanliness in one step. For those of you who are looking for a manicure and pedicure shop near me, you can come and get the service at Take Care, a branch near your home.

hand spa treatment & what is foot spa

Hand spa, foot spa is the care of our manicure and pedicure. This will help keep the nails of both women and men looking healthy. Since everyone’s hands each day has to face or come in contact with a lot of dirt from the surrounding environment than other parts of the body, germs can easily accumulate in the corners of the nails. old skin cells And create new skin cells for both hands and feet of everyone to be smooth and reduce wrinkles. More importantly, a pedicure hand spa not only makes your feet more attractive, but also helps you distribute your weight across the feet, which can reduce leg pain and pain after standing for a long time. for a long time as well

Who is a hand and foot spa suitable for?

Hand and foot spa treatment is suitable for all ages. because in addition to the beauty Feeling relaxed is a matter of hygiene that no one should ignore. and have to keep taking care of it regularly

ทำสปามือสปาเท้าที่ไหนดีWhy do you have to do a hand and foot spa at Take Care?

Because this is not a typical hand spa service, but a foot spa experience like no other. We use high quality premium products that are the brands that the shop has invented. It has been researched and selected that it can definitely answer the problem of each individual. By using the brand name Presensc and in each step, we pay attention to every detail, like our signature that we are confident that nowhere to do that is that we use lemon to rub the nails because lemons are high in vitamin C. Help nourish the nails to be white and bright. By the results of our hand spa treatment, foot spa focuses on relaxation. Make everyone who comes to use the service feel comfortable and have healthy hands and feet back.

Hand and foot spa can be done for both women and men.

Hand and foot spa treatments can be done for both women and men because it cuts the nails. cut off excess skin and nourish the skin of the hands and feet to be smooth and healthy Self-cutting nails can sometimes result in ingrown or residual nails due to the lack of proper equipment and tools. Specialized nail technician’s pedicure spa uses a complete range of equipment for trimming nails. So I can say that it should be done very well.

Who is a hand and foot spa suitable for?

  • I want to trim my fingernails, toenails and cut the skin to be beautiful and fit.
  • People with foot odor problems
  • People who are not proficient in trimming nails and file nails by themselves
  • People who want to keep their hands and feet healthy
  • Those who want to relax as much as possible

ตัดเล็บผู้ชายHands and feet spa procedures at Take Care

  • Clean & scrub
  • nail clipping and filing
  • Polish heels
  • Mask & Feet and cut off excess skin
  • Wrap a hot towel to expose the skin
  • Massage with rich nourishing cream
  • Paint your nails
  • Nourishes nails and surrounding skin with specially formulated Cuticle Oil

Benefits of foot spa treatment

  1. We have organic products with unique formulas of the shop that have been invented to solve problems and meet individual needs on the spot. under the brand name Presensc which means gift Because the origin of the creation of this product comes from the fact that we listen to each customer’s needs and wants What kind do you want? to be able to solve problems for each person We never compromise and stop evolving, so we have become Presensc, the most suitable gift we would like to give to all our customers.
  2. Emphasis on comfort extremely relaxed As if to relax
  3. Cutting techniques Removes dead cells to reveal new, better skin cells.
  4. Take Care’s specialized nail technicians are well-trained by Take Care Academy, who have a higher knowledge and expertise in manicure than other nail technicians
  5. Cleanliness and disinfection of hospital standards. We use a pressure cooker. UV radiation and the same surgical bag sealing to ensure that all customers can be assured of a convenient and safe service.
  6. Service at a 5-star hotel and international airline

Review of hand and foot spa treatment

Signature Hands and Feet Spa. Unique comfort. Even famous broadcasters, bloggers, and celebrities have to give a thumbs up!

I can assure you that 180 minutes of doing a hand and foot spa at Take Care will definitely bring you an experience beyond words. Anyone who is interested in using a hand spa service Foot Spa at Take Care can come to use the service at Branches as follows

Sukhumvit 19 Branch
Terminal 21 branch
Branch Siam Paragon
Fashion Ireland Branch
Branch Silom Complex
Sukhumvit 35 Lady branch
Branch EmQuartier
J-avenue JA branch
Century BTS On Nut Branch

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Customer Care : 02-0266-431
Line OA: @takecare_beauty

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